Social/Cultural Wellness is the development and maintenance of healthy relationships with all those around you, family, friends, romantic partner and all others from the many diverse backgrounds, through knowledge, acceptance and understanding.

Cultures develop through shared beliefs, norms, values and traditions. Cultural/Social Wellness is having an understanding and respect for other cultures and individuals regardless of their beliefs.  To achieve the balance socially and culturally in all aspects of your life you must first feel confident and content in your own company as well as in the company of others. You also need to have an awareness of your own culture and background to be able to be confident with other cultures.  To enhance this confidence you need to be assertive but friendly by smiling, introducing yourself and being open to meeting others in all kinds of places. Look at the other person’s perspective and respect their point of view.
If you need to associate with another culture, then you need to do some research on their culture so you can have an understanding so there is no concerns with misunderstood conflict.  Keep in mind that in many cultures there are many subcultures that are quite unique and and varied in their beliefs.  Also you need to be able to recognise the legitimacy and contributions to society from varying different cultures.
Be open-minded, look for opportunities to try new things.

To achieve Social/Cultural Wellness all you need to have is an awareness and an acceptance of your fellow neighbour regardless of age, colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We are all part of a wonderful world let’s enjoy our lives and live it to the fullest with abundance and joy.  So please join our forum to help you, me and all other members to grow and learn and be the best we can be.