Physical Wellness is a correct balance between physical effort, relaxation, balanced diet and lifestyle.

It is not about losing weight, if you are overweight let’s change our perspective here and now; let’s forget weight and focus on health and well-being and the weight loss will happen.

If you remain overweight then you’re a healthier overweight person, so let’s move past this and focus on the important and that is physical wellness.

It involves understanding and appreciating the relationship between sound nutrition and how the body performs.

It requires participation in regular physical activities that improve cardiovascular strength and endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength.
Despite all the fads of diets and exercise over recent years we are becoming more aware of their own health and the need for a healthy lifestyle. ” A healthy soul thrives in a healthy body“, “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”, we are now again becoming aware of the importance of this statement.

Physical Wellness is the ability to move well and to listen to and acknowledge deep seated physical signals, we must listen to our body.  When you have chest pain it can be a signal from your heart telling you that it is lacking some oxygen in part of the heart so we must always listen to our body and answer appropriately.

Like a Rolls Royce motor it will perform for years but with the correct maintenance and care it will last forever, our body like the Rolls Royce engine, is constantly in motion, and if maintained and cared for will live forever. With the relationship of our bones, muscles, brain working in perfect unison one can only be spell bounded by our body’s brilliance to give us physical wellness.

Physical wellness is knowing what to eat, what not to eat, and that you’re eating requirements could change in a heart -beat, what exercise to do that suits you, when is too much exercise, not enough, how much rest you  need, the effects of medication, how to stretch. Did you know for physical wellness it is 80% nutrition and 20 % exercise. Read my post on this one.

To have physical wellness you must have the utmost respect for your physical being.  An imbalanced posture, faulty body mechanics, repetitive performance of incorrect movements, lifting of an inappropriate weight, all of these will eventually lead to unnecessary injuries.  Working as a nurse for the past twenty years I certainly can attest to that and all the changes that have occurred within the health system to promote safe lifting.  I would not like to even imagine how many nursing careers and personal lives have been affected by not having the respect for your own body.

A person who can demonstrate high physical wellness will have crafted for themselves an exercise, diet and recovery program that really nourishes them in a very holistic way.
Physical Wellness is only part of the Wellness Wheel and all segments can be intermingled.  With Physical Wellness the effect it has on our Emotional Wellness has been known for years and this emotional effect does have a bounce back effect on our physical wellness.

When you have done some form of physical exercise you feel elated and emotionally strong for the rest of the day.  When we are happy our body is happy so let’s aim for this.  Exercise is also a great way for some people to connect to their Spiritual Wellness like practicing Yoga and Tai Chi.

Exploring Physical Wellness together can help people build healthier relationships for Social Wellness, and going for walks outside will increase your Environmental Wellness, too.

Total health reaches far beyond Physical Wellness, but great Physical Wellness provides a brilliant foundation for a whole and complete life. So remember that a well functioning human body is a Balanced Body and then physical wellness is achieved.  Women Empowered Online is very much focused on the whole wellness wheel to be able to achieve complete balance.  So join our forum on the left and learn and share some wonderful tips and ideas.

“You Are Your Thoughts”

:) Kaz