Occupational Wellness:

…is defined as being personally satisfied and finding enrichment in one’s life through work.   As one of the segments of the wellness wheel, Occupational Wellness involves exploring various career options and finding where you fit.

When you are working in a work environment that you enjoy, feel motivated and passionate about, this deepens your sense of meaning and purpose.  This sense of meaning and purpose relates to who you are and how you navigate yourself through life.
Occupational Wellness involves learning to deal with workplace stress, building stronger working relationships with your co-workers, exploring options to create a better work environment and progressing toward your career goals.
Like all segments of the Wellness Wheel you life needs to be in balance to be truly happy and fulfilled, so if you are feeling stressed at work and even if you are a ‘workaholic’, remember you need to be aware of all segments of the wellness wheel as they are all interlinked.
As you are moving along your pathway toward your occupational wellness, you will be passing on your skills and talents to all that you meet in the workplace.  This will be both personally meaningful and rewarding to you as you progress through life.
To achieve occupational wellness you need to feel excited about your work then you know you have achieved occupational wellness.

Kaz :)