Though we do not think much about Environmental Wellness it is still a significant part of the Wellness Wheel.

However, when we look at the environmental aspect we are not just looking at nature and the big picture.

Environmental wellness starts in our home encompassing all that we see and do.

A messy cluttered home reflects a messy cluttered mind.

This of course can have a great impact on how you feel and how you navigate throughout your life. To be organised with your immediate surroundings can give you a feeling of comfort and satisfaction and less anxiety.

You find if your kitchen is cluttered and messy and you clean it; you feel a clearness in your head and a more relaxed state of mind.

Same goes with your office once the cluttered mess is sorted; bills and to do things seem also more in your control.

I am speaking obviously from experience so my post on decluttering your workspace is worth a read.

Environmental wellness also encompasses nature and our planet. We all need to be aware of our planet and the injury that is being caused by our ignorance.

An excellent read and some great ideas to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle is Real World Sustainability.

Also a passion I have is to rid the world of plastic water bottles; myself and a small group of friends brought ourselves together and developed an excellent idea to help rid the world of plastic water bottles.   Not this one, we have another idea.

We sell stainless steel water bottles and because of this we have become so aware of the issues with plastic water bottles. The damage it is doing to our Earth is something we all need to be aware of.

We have written some great posts on these issues on Essential Water Bottles and their is also two videos well worth watching; “The Story of the Water Bottle” and “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”.

So follow us on our quest and join us on Essential Water Bottles.

“You Are Your thoughts”

:) Kaz