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Oxytocin in Women…its true value.

As women we are the nurturer

and in the 21st century this nurturer is being seen more and more in leadership roles; is this due to oxytocin release in women.

Women Entrepreneurs are starting to lead the way in the business world.

Women entrepreneurs have been moving away from the old movement that we have to remould ourselves using these quite stark positive affirmations….



…this is okay for men; saying these statements releases adrenaline which promotes a fight or flight response in their system. So yes for men this does help to them to achieve and become successful, however we are women.

…as for women,

using a more feminine approach to these affirmations can help us to achieve and become successful and feel just as feminine on that path to success.

As compassionate nurturers we do not naturally enjoy being in constant states of “fight or flight” we are more “care and befriend,” so we need to say to ourselves more feminine statements which releases oxytocin in women….

“I trust that now is right for me to embody my success”

“My feminine energy is beautifully balanced”

Oxytocin in women, now being called the prosperity hormone, seems to be the basis for women’s success in business.

We are more “care and befriend,” and this is how we achieve and become successful. Yes we release adrenaline and that is for the times when we do need to use the fight or flight response, like when we are walking in the yard and we are confronted by a snake….yes fight or flight and hopefully we will choose flight.

Women who use the adrenaline approach tend to burn out easier and these women do not remain tapped into their own selves.

So how are women successful with business;

what is this “care and befriend”; well in women we have this wonderful hormone oxytocin.

Oxytocin is the hormone released in the most precious time of their lives – during childbirth, to open our cervix to allow our new baby to pass through the birth canal to be born, this process is not a comfortable one and this natural release of oxytocin gives women the ability to cope with childbirth.

The “gas” is okay too.

Also this chemical inspires a woman’s bonding mechanism with her partner, with her children and during times when other forms of bonding occur such as in building business relationships.

Oxytocin is referred to as the prosperity hormone and with its release, recently the chemical effects have been found to influence social behaviour in human bonding.

It may be involved in the formation of trust, empathy and generosity in personal relationships because it reduces anxiety and fears.

Today’s world of business is very focussed on developing business relationships and the release of oxytocin in women is proving that women entrepreneurs are on the rise and growing.

If you read our post on Women Entrepreneurs this article helps to understand why women are so successful in business.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Are So Successful!

One of the primary drivers giving the opportunity for  women entrepreneurs to show their entrepreneurial skills is a  shift in our society.

Women are now a greater part of the economic make-up of society; there are more women in the workforce.
They are resourceful, leaving the workforce to stay home & raise a family, re-entering when the kids are grown or working a flex schedule when their kids go to school.

Women entrepreneurs are becoming more and more successful,

and the reason why; is that  they are natural collaborators and love doing project work together.

Women find like minded women whom they like and if they believe they can accomplish a goal they have made then they are more than happy to combine their talents.
In a networked economy, which is what our society is evolving into,  women entrepreneurs possess the innate collaborative and communication skills that lead to success in building a business.

Being an entrepreneur demands relationship thinking, not competitive thinking.

Women entrepreneurs are able to form relationships with customers, clients, colleagues and even those who seem to compete with them.
Women get the balance between collaboration and competition; and entrepreneurs in today’s environment need both.
A majority of women have raised a family, a husband and a home and they have learnt that flexibility, creativity and balance are the keys to a successful home-life and healthy lifestyle, so they just implement these strategies effectively in the workplace.

Women have learnt to step outside of their comfort zone and think outside the box.

Women no longer have to mimic men in order to be successful.

Women approach their career choices with authenticity and courage.  Their best single attribute that women bring to entrepreneurship is their relationship skills.
Business is all about people and relationships – and women entrepreneurs are natural networkers.

Women are innately inclined to nurture and encourage others that is what they do when raising children.  Women are superb collaborators. Women readily reach out and ask for help when they need to learn something.

We thrive on mutual interdependence.

Under stress, men’s reaction is “fight or flight” – women’s reaction is “tend and befriend,” due to our natural release of oxytocin which is now being called our prosperity hormone. I will leave this discussion for another post.

Women’s “tend and befriend” approach to their clients, colleagues and potential clients shows our essence of effective communication as we are being open and authentic; as women we are more prone to allow vulnerabilities to show through, engendering trust.
Today trust is probably the most important factor in sustaining credibility in such a cynical busy world, that is why so many more women are becoming successful women entrepreneurs.
I have included a video interview with Wendy Clark, Senior VP Integrated Marketing & Communication Coca Cola, she states that to, “advance women entrepreneurs then we’ll make the word a better place”, and female run outlets,  “tend to be more successful.”

Thanks for reading and let’s strive for women entrepreneur world domination. Kaz :)


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