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What is Better Yoga or Weightlifting?

What is Better Yoga or Weight Lifting?

The big question is, “What type of body image are you after?”

Yoga and weightlifting work on different muscle fibres so the image is the question.  Most Yogis are slender or have wiry, not muscle-bound, builds.

However there are the exceptions to the rule…

Rodney Yee is one of them, he has been practicing for more than 30 years and he looks great.







Adam Levine, lead vocalist Maroon 5, states, “Yoga is by far the most convenient way to exercise while I’m on the road, you don’t need anything but a few feet of space and a mat.”

After Adam broke his sternum (chest bone) whilst weight lifting he began to use spotters and gave weights up completely for yoga in 2007.
After Adam’s first class he said he “instantly felt sculpted,” but that during the session it “felt like someone was ripping my body apart.”

Adam had lifted weights for years and found yoga to be the most convenient and much more physically satisfying than weight lifting.  The rocker assures that “the torture subsided over time,” and that it has proved to be most definitely more “satisfying physically” than lifting weights, which he’d been doing for years.



Another one is yogi, Cameron Alborzian once famous super model now living a content happy life as a yogi with a body to match.
Practicing yoga several times weekly, you can hang onto a lot of muscle.
When it comes to yoga and weight lifting they actually complement one another.  So whilst with yoga you can hold onto a certain amount of muscle mass, what you really need is a balance of the two.
Crow and Chaturanga Dandasana are great upper body positions you need more to build that upper body.  These positions are more likely to build the smaller, “slow-twitch” muscle fibers first (these are the fibers that runners and other endurance athletes have).
Those bulky muscles you want to keep are made up of “fast twitch” fibers and are best built through weight training.
With such a busy lifestyle there is only so much time so if you are going to do both yoga and weightlifting then ensure the time spent in your sessions is of high quality.

Of course, depending on your goals yoga on its own may well be all you need or want, just remember yoga is a great way to complement your weightlifting.
So remember for that great looking body, weightlifting is okay, however brilliant yoga can get you where you want inside and out. Click Here!

Enjoy Kaz :)


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