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Benefits of Coconut Milk Oil

Benefits of Coconut Milk / Oil, it is difficult to keep up with what is good for us and what is not.

Coconut milk seems to be on top of the list for what is good for us.

I have never really liked milk unless it was chocolate flavoured.

Stopped that one; once it became a purchase every time I stopped at the shop.
Then I started using soy milk, is that good for us. Apparently not, soya beans are healthy, however our processing of these beans does not produce the healthy benefit of the bean.

Each day I have a smoothie and milk choice is tricky.

Started making almond milk – however I would forget to soak the almonds overnight.

I then discovered coconut milk and that seems to tick all the boxes.

Coconuts are seen by some as a miracle food,

helping protect and cure the body of internal and external ailments.  The benefits of coconut milk / oil are many, most of which build up the immune system and the body’s defenses.
I found coconut milk in all of our supermarkets.

You can make it yourself, I buy mine.

I have posted some information on metabolic cooking and in that post you can see fats which are good for you and can help you to lose weight and of course the fats that do the opposite.

Coconut milk / oil is a saturated fat and is one of the good ones. yeah!

The fat in coconut milk is made up of short and medium chain fatty acids and the body loves them, the body quickly turns these chains into energy rather than storing them as fats.
Another great benefit of coconut milk/oil is that half of the medium-fatty chains are composed of lauric acid.

Lauric acid has anti-fungal, viral, microbial and bacterial properties.

Coconut milk can help boost the immune system.

Coconut milk is dairy, soy, nut and gluten free so if you are a vegan or lactose intolerant you should be jumping for joy.

Also beneficial for….

kidney and urinary bladder problems

prevention of heart disease as it contains about 50% lauric acid, which helps prevent high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure

reducing weight; it contains short and medium-chain fatty acids that help in taking off excessive weight.

healthy functioning of the thyroid and enzymes systems

increasing the body metabolism by removing stress on pancreas thereby burning out more energy and helping obese and overweight people reduce their weight.

Coconut milk/oil is used extensively in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal system.

It is fantastic for our internal workings, and it also great for our skin as a moisturiser.

Coconut oil helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its antioxidant properties,

I am currently trying this so at this point I will remain on the fence until a later post.

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