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Personal Training in the Outdoors….

I found this video on you tube and

personal training in the outdoors is the best move you could make.

How much money have we spent for gym membership and have we ever really

received our money’s worth.

We go for a couple of weeks and then we miss a session.  This turns into two

sessions and so on….

We go and check out the body’s, the good ones are always just arriving as you have

to go pick up the kids at school.

No eye candy through the day what a waste of money.

Seriously we all go to the gym to get ourselves fit and healthy.

Why is this such a difficult task…

Well I was in that cycle going to the gym then getting bored or having time

constraints… then it just fizzled.

So then I moved onto the personal trainer…

… this can be so expensive.  Anyway went with the trainer and I was doing

well and kept going for about 3 months.  Then my PT told me he was leaving

oh no…. what to do.   He was going to a private training studio – even more expense.

He than offered to train me from his home.

Well can I say that was one of the best decisions of my life….

Personal training in the outdoors with minimal equipment and utilising the things around us.

I was quite skeptical about it all no real weights, no machines and no full on classes.

Well can I say within a couple of weeks I felt like I could see my abs.

It was a really hard workout but I felt great.

My PT then left for Spain and I could not follow him there so it once again fizzled.

Did nothing for months stopped my running and my yoga.

Wow it was not good.

Then I found a book about a 31 day challenge, which I did and it followed the same

principles as my PT – minimal equipment using your body.

This is the photo of me prior to the 31 day challenge at 65kg to the last day of challenge 60kg.

I tried to get the photos exact, however I am not a photographer.





The point is it works.


Am about to embark on another 30day challenge as going on a cruise middle of May.

If you want to join visit my forum and join.

I found this short video of personal training in the outdoors in a small group locally

I wanted to share it as it is brilliant.

This is the only way to enjoy your training and achieve your goals.  So join my forum

and join a club that personal trains in the outdoors.



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