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Getting Back Into the Rhythm…

Let’s get back to the rhythm we live in a physical world of vibrations, sound waves are vibrations, light waves are a form of vibration and our brain waves are a form of vibration. So I do believe it is time to get back to the rhythm.
Online you can read testimonials of hundreds of people whose lives have been transformed by getting back to the rhythm. I am talking about brain wave vibration, where you learn how to move your body to your own personal internal natural healing rhythms.
We live in such a busy, busy world where demands are constantly placed upon ourselves. We collapse into bed and our brain just does not switch off.

We are restless, we wake with a start and realise our brain is still working in day time mode.

Brain wave vibration is probably the most simple and effective way to get at least a great night’s sleep.

Brain wave vibration is easy to do and can bring your body and mind back into balance for total health, happiness and joy within yourself.

Whilst you are performing this easy to learn practice you are slowing down your brain waves and letting your own body’s natural inbuilt healing processes take over. This slowing down process helps you get back the rhythm of sleep.
Sounds a bit like mediation, well it is in a way, however much easier as you do not have to empty the mind, you can do it anywhere anytime from a few seconds to 10 minutes.

It is amazing, it works. I have attached a video (the bottom one) which has some testimonials.

With Brain Wave Vibration, you can become more focused therefore able to:

  • Manage your stress more effectively
  • Stimulate your own natural healing processes
  • Regain your physical energy
  • Keep your emotions in check
  • Awaken your creative potential
  • & get a great night sleep

Brain Wave Vibration combines ancient healing traditions with our modern scientific understanding of the brain.
Most ancient cultures recognise a universal life force, an energy that exists in all things. Even Asian healing systems theorise that it is the balanced flow of ki through certain pathways in the body (Chinese call this life-energy pathway – meridian) that determines our health and well being.

I have attached 3 videos just to get the idea of what brain wave vibration is and also there is this book if you want to read more about it.

Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life by Ilchi Lee.

So enjoy getting back to the rhythm and vibrate your way to a whole new you.

Just wanted to share this information as it is simple and does not take long.

The mind is in a relaxed state so those positive thoughts just keep flowing.

So remember….
“Your Are Your Thoughts!”

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