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Why Women Entrepreneurs Are So Successful!

One of the primary drivers giving the opportunity for  women entrepreneurs to show their entrepreneurial skills is a  shift in our society.

Women are now a greater part of the economic make-up of society; there are more women in the workforce.
They are resourceful, leaving the workforce to stay home & raise a family, re-entering when the kids are grown or working a flex schedule when their kids go to school.

Women entrepreneurs are becoming more and more successful,

and the reason why; is that  they are natural collaborators and love doing project work together.

Women find like minded women whom they like and if they believe they can accomplish a goal they have made then they are more than happy to combine their talents.
In a networked economy, which is what our society is evolving into,  women entrepreneurs possess the innate collaborative and communication skills that lead to success in building a business.

Being an entrepreneur demands relationship thinking, not competitive thinking.

Women entrepreneurs are able to form relationships with customers, clients, colleagues and even those who seem to compete with them.
Women get the balance between collaboration and competition; and entrepreneurs in today’s environment need both.
A majority of women have raised a family, a husband and a home and they have learnt that flexibility, creativity and balance are the keys to a successful home-life and healthy lifestyle, so they just implement these strategies effectively in the workplace.

Women have learnt to step outside of their comfort zone and think outside the box.

Women no longer have to mimic men in order to be successful.

Women approach their career choices with authenticity and courage.  Their best single attribute that women bring to entrepreneurship is their relationship skills.
Business is all about people and relationships – and women entrepreneurs are natural networkers.

Women are innately inclined to nurture and encourage others that is what they do when raising children.  Women are superb collaborators. Women readily reach out and ask for help when they need to learn something.

We thrive on mutual interdependence.

Under stress, men’s reaction is “fight or flight” – women’s reaction is “tend and befriend,” due to our natural release of oxytocin which is now being called our prosperity hormone. I will leave this discussion for another post.

Women’s “tend and befriend” approach to their clients, colleagues and potential clients shows our essence of effective communication as we are being open and authentic; as women we are more prone to allow vulnerabilities to show through, engendering trust.
Today trust is probably the most important factor in sustaining credibility in such a cynical busy world, that is why so many more women are becoming successful women entrepreneurs.
I have included a video interview with Wendy Clark, Senior VP Integrated Marketing & Communication Coca Cola, she states that to, “advance women entrepreneurs then we’ll make the word a better place”, and female run outlets,  “tend to be more successful.”

Thanks for reading and let’s strive for women entrepreneur world domination. Kaz :)


Margaret Sanger the Contraceptive Outlaw…

A woman must not accept; she must challenge.

She must not be awed by that which has been built around her;

she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.

~ Margaret Sanger

I found this quote and was inspired about it, I then looked to see who Margaret Sanger is or was and found out she was a villain,  this woman gave out contraception information and devices knowing these were outlawed.  The audacity of this woman.

This woman did not accept, she most definitely challenged.

So let’s see why this woman was so bold,  Margaret Sanger was educated as and worked as a nurse.  In her work with poor women on the Lower East Side of New York, she was aware of the effects of unplanned and unwelcome pregnancies.

Her mother’s health had suffered as she bore eleven children. She came to believe in the importance to women’s lives and women’s health of the availability of birth control, a term which she’s credited with inventing.

Well so far she seems like a caring, compassionate nurse who was compassionate to the women she cared for:

  • 1912 Sanger gave up nursing work to dedicate herself to the distribution of birth control information
  • 1913 Sanger went to Europe, found a paper, Women Rebel & indicted for “mailing obscenities”, Sanger fled to Europe
  • 1914 Sanger founded the National Birth Control League
  • 1916 Sanger was writing articles on health “the Call”, she collected and published these articles – “What Every Girl Should Know”
  • 1917 Sanger published – “What Every Mother Should Know”
  • 1916 -17 set up first birth control centres in USA
  • 1918  Sent to the workhouse for “creating a public nuisance”
  • 1918 – 27 Sanger’s many arrests and prosecutions, and the resulting outcries, helped lead to changes in laws, giving doctors the right to give birth control advice to patients.  Following this doctors were also able to prescribe birth control devices.
  • 1927 Sanger helped organise the first World Population Conference in Geneva
  • 1938 Sanger wrote her autobiography after writing many books and articles on birth control and marriage
  • 1942 Planned Parenthood came into being
Margaret Sanger though seen as a woman of question, a villain was most certainly a strong advocate for women and action taker for these women.
The lower class women also did not accept they also challenged, for some of those women the result was death when they attempted self abortion.
Today we have choices and information of any type at our fingertips, those things are not outlawed, yet in all too many countries women are still treated as second class citizens, (and in some countries not even treated that well).   So as women today we are still being continually challenged and as women we must not accept.
We have the strength and the belief of Margaret in all of us and as women we must not accept, we must challenge to be the fulfilled happy woman that we are.
I read about Margaret and saw that she devoted her life to what she believed.  Her success was achieved as she knew what she wanted and knew her goal.  How she got there she paid no concern it would happen.  Her message and thoughts were answered and she accepted and received.   She married a very wealthy, influential man who believed in what she was doing so she was able to achieve her goals.
We all can achieve our life purpose and this web-page and forum is here to help us achieve just that.
So join our forum and see what we can achieve.
Join Us Ladies!