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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal martial art which originated in China in the 12th Century.   Zang Sanfeng a Taoist monk has been credited for the origin of Tai Chi.  It is said that he was walking and observed a snake skillfully free itself from the beak of a bird by using a number of different postures and being quite subtle and soft and when the bird was thinking it was the victor the snake lunged at the bird and it received a fatal bite.

Zang Sanfeng thought on the skill and art of the snake and saw certain deliberate postures in the snake’s movements; he practiced these postures until the beautiful graceful art of Tai Chi Chuan was born.
Since Tai Chi’s origin five styles developed from its origin, Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu/Hao, and Sun; today there are many derivatives from these 5 styles.

Tai Chi is renowned for both defense and remarkable health benefits.  It is a daily practice of exercise in many Chinese homes.  In the western world its value is seen more from a health benefit as well as balance and is therefore promoted and practiced more by the older community in group sessions.  However, Tai Chi can be practiced as either a hard or soft form of exercise. The more you put in the more you can obtain from Tai Chi.

My partner practiced Tai Chi, Karate and Kick Boxing and has certainly led a life of intense body workouts.  Like all things as you mature the body gives you constant reminders of your past. My partner certainly can attest to that.  He recently returned to his Tai Chi practice which he had not done for quite a number of years and since then his body has taken on some remarkable changes.

He feels centred and in control again of his body and his long term ailments are improving to the point where he is only now taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory.
Tai Chi is an internal martial art that focuses on balance and breathing; it can benefit anyone that wants to improve their lifestyle.  If you wish to practice Tai Chi yourself , here is a video you can purchase or you can find a centre near you that has Tai Chi group sessions. Also I found these two videos to demonstrate the soft and hardness of Tai Chi.






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