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31 Day Challenge

I have set myself a 31 Day Challenge to drop some excess weight.

Christmas & Holidays are brilliant, this year however an extra 5kgs came visiting and

seemed to want to take up permanent residence.

I don’t think so.

I searched the internet and found an interesting challenge.

It incorporated nutrition and 15 minutes a day of exercise.  Time to me is of great

importance and I am sure it is for all.  Also they say it takes 21 days to form a habit so

am hoping that after the 31 day challenge the habit should be set.

They say weight-loss is actually 80% nutrition & 20% exercise.

I will talk about nutrition on another post as this post is to introduce you to the exercise positions for the challenge.

I have started putting my day to day exercise on  the Women Empowered Online Forum.

So please feel free to join and join the 31 day challenge.  I am on there everyday so

am willing to share and motivate all who are prepared to take on this 31 day Challenge.

If you do decide to do it ensure you take a photo of yourself  from neck to knee – can be

quite a motivator.

Below is a video of me showing some of the positions I do in the 15mins.

Now there is a beginners and even a sedentary program for ones that need to start

with not as intense exercise.

Join my forum

and show your motivation and I am happy to walk you through day by day

these other challenges.

Help yourself and I am extremely happy to offer assistance.

So join me on my 31 day challenge and let’s see where it leads.  The video was taken on Day 18

I needed to get myself ahead to ensure I was going to stick to it.

Today I post this video on Day 26 so come join me and watch your body change.

Remember to take your photo before you start the 31 day challenge.  You will not regret it.


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