As a registered nurse and midwife; and my close, quite intimate contact with women over many years, I have been left with a compelling desire to help women in every aspect of their lives to make choices for themselves and be empowered with everything they do.  So myself and a couple of close friends have banded together to develop this site to empower women everyday in all these aspects of woman’s lives.

Women seem to have boundless time, energy and compassion when nurturing others and when it is your turn…..ummmmm.  We have boundless energy and learning potential which is only utilised for others, our focus is using this bountiful energy and learning potential to become a woman who feels empowered and is able to live a life that you choose to live.

So our goal is to help release that energy and learning potential…….

Everything in life moves or vibrates so all things are in constant motion.  This is our belief and this vibration is managed by the powerful law of attraction.  We do not have to understand how this vibration stuff works, like we do not know how an engine drives; however we jump in and drive to our destination, we just have to know that it does.

The law of attraction has always been around we all know the old saying like attracts like, this is demonstrated in our everyday life you know if you are are feeling happy and carefree how many simple nice things happen around us like we catch every green light into work and then of course when you are frustrated and running late……lights all red.  This happens to us constantly and we know this to be true as we all experience it.

So to follow with our goal of releasing your energy and learning potential, you are welcomed to join us on our site to share and learn from experiences, knowledge and skills that many women have acquired over their lives.  The more active we all are on this site the more we can help each other to achieve our goals.

“You Are Your Thoughts”